International Parental Child Abduction – FABO English page now available


Welcome to Team FABO English page,

Family Bond Network(Team FABO) is an NPO established on April 1, 2016 with a few Left Behind Parents (LBPs) in Japan and has a very strong concern on parental child abduction.

It is reported that about 240, 000 couples experience divorce each year here in Japan and roughly 160, 000 children are losing the chances to meet/contact their LBPs. The bond between children and the LBP is LEGALLY separated by the family courts in Japan. Because of this LEGAL separation, many LBPs are committing suicide, including non-Japanese LBPs.

In FABO English page, the following topics are covered.

– About us
– Our activities
– Free talk session/Seminars/Lecture
– Practice of family courts in Japan and divorce lawyers
– References
– Support FABO
– Contact

We appreciate your continuous support for the benefit and welfare of the children and the LBPs.

Family Bond Network


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